Supporters and donors

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Thank you to our largest supporter, Joanna McNeilly of the Center for Babywearing Studies, who is helping to cover the cost of printing the calendars so that all proceeds go directly to Casa Materna! Also, a big thanks to Gesler Castillo for contributing some of the beautiful photos and to the wonderful people of Casa Materna for the amazing work that they do. Read more about how this project got started HERE.

Total Raised so far: $3,992!!!

Thank you to the generous donors who have supported Casa Materna by purchasing calendars! (*one asterisk indicates a donation over $20, **two asterisks indicate a donation of $100 or more, and ***three asterisks indicate a donation of $500 or more):

Cristine Legare*

Haley Erikson

He Huang

Michael Shofi

Helen Ashton

Kathy Ashton**

Greg Gibbons

Holly Laird

Michaelyn Wipf**

Uli Heine

Ilene Weeks*

Marsha Little**

Hannah Van Etten*

Kerri Blum*

Haleh Yazdi*

Elizabeth Jimenez

Jane Feyder-Siegel

Bruce Bekkar*

Kathleen Fisette*

Renee Vineyard

Anne McKiernan*

Walter Little***

Carole Lankford-Simmons*

Cal Mann

MJ Linsky**

Zoe Booke


Mark Kalina

Art in the Garden

Rachel Wilcox

Logan Clark*

Jane Wheeler

Mary Mack

Tom White*

Sean Ward*

Karen Laib*

Kylie Wadsworth

Emily Vala-Haynes

Janice Jennings*

Petra Meaux

Patrice Brint

Eileen Mitro

Alice Degallier*

Deb Attaway*

Will Carson

Tom Winters

Cassie Gibson*

Pat Tysoe and Sam Goldberg

Janey Sheppard

Laura Fogg

Lynn and Roger Butler

Janet and Barry Vogel


Ulla Rand

Jackie Lolich

Nori Dolan

Susan and Larry Schmirl*

Kate McGruder*

Cindy Porter*

Paula Martin

Vickey Oakey

Joann Rosen

Polly Polacek

Bert and JoAnn Calson

Cathy Monroe

Jean Lincoln

Gay Tow

Katie Gibbs**

Maryanne Vilawock*

Tracy Molinar

Laurie and Jim Rothrock

Juanita Joy Riddell

Wilma Keeney

Nancy Mcgiveney


Sue Mason

Katherine McElwee

Daria Sievers

Jone Duggan

Renata Eustis*

Kira Gibson*

Chris Gibson*

Vivian White*

Sunshine Murray **

Patty Mulvahilll

Corner Gallery

Ann Campbell

Sofia Patel

Bettina Halvorsen*

Kathleen Day

Carolyn Kenney

Francisco Diaz

George Guimaraes