Project contributors

A huge thanks to everyone who made this project possible!

Gesler Artemio Castillo Sosa

Gesler is an incredibly talented photographer who currently coordinates the community outreach for Project Concern International’s maternal-infant nutrition program in Huehuetenango. His images capture the spirit of Guatemala and he is a joy to work with. Thank you, Gesler!



Joanna McNeilly, Center for Babywearing Studies

Joanna is passionate about babywearing, and equally passionate about the importance of combating maternal and infant mortality. She founded the organization Center for Babywearing Studies where she works one-on-one with babies and families and is nationally recognized as a leader in the field for leading babywearing trainings. She generously offered to donate an extra dollar to Casa Materna for every calendar sold. Thank you, Joanna!


Thank you for supporting this project! To purchase a calendar, please donate $20 (+$5.95 for shipping) by CLICKING HERE!