Thank you!

Dear friends, family, babywearing enthusiasts, and fellow travelers:

Thank you so much for your interest in this project! Making a donation to Casa Materna by purchasing this 2016 Guatemala Babywearing Calendar will have a direct positive impact on the families of Huehuetenango, where I conducted research and worked as a maternal-infant health community outreach volunteer last summer. The women of the Huehuetenango province depend on Casa Materna for a safe delivery and a healthy start for their baby. It is heartbreaking to know that a clinic with such a simple mission often has to shut its doors because of lack of funding. Thanks to your support, Casa Materna will be able to continue providing low-cost health services and education to the vulnerable families of rural Guatemala.

After having directly witnessed the impact of Casa Materna and the need for the services that Casa Materna offers, I feel personally grateful for the donation provided by each and every calendar purchase. I look forward to updating you on the continued accomplishments of Casa Materna and the improvements they are making to the well-being of the mothers and babies of Guatemala.



Emily Little



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