About Casa Materna

Casa Materna is a maternal health clinic with a simple mission: no woman should die in the act of giving life.  The Huehuetenango province of Guatemala has especially high rates of infant and maternal mortality. For every 1,500 pregnant women in this region, nearly 30 die in childbirth. Indigenous women in the rural communities of the Huehuetenango province give birth at home with the assistance of a comadrona –a community midwife – and if any complications occur during the birth, the women must make the long dirt-road journey through the mountains to the nearest hospital, which is hours away. Thousands of women bleed to death each year making this journey to the hospital to give birth. Casa Materna provides a simple but much-needed solution to this devastating problem by doing community outreach to train health care volunteers to prevent and identify high-risk pregnancies and by providing a free place for high-risk mothers to stay next to the hospital in the days leading up to the birth to ensure a safe delivery.


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